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I would suggest slightly amending your point 2 to read, "Does the human species have the genetic ability to create and maintain
systems of INTERnational governance that make sustainable environmental stewardship possible?"  Clearly, many of the considerations are nationalistic and cultural, and one must wonder if our DNA insists on aggressive attitudes toward others unlike us in some perceived way, as in going to battle with those folks at that other fire hearth on the other side of the mountain, or whether we can overcome such instincts in response to the common good.  Could it be that we have survived to this point because we are hard wired to be acquisitive, or greedy, and to seek power over others as a means of defense and clan survival?  Or can we redefine our "clan" as humankind in general?  Our news reports certainly indicate that we have some distance yet to travel in this regard, and I agree that the question extends way beyond coral reefs.
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>Dear Friends,
>Thanks for your interesting and insightful comments on "Reefs in Trouble-
>The Real Root Cause".
>I have received an order of magnitude greater number of private responses
>(ALL very supportive and thoughtful) "off-list" as I have "on-list".
>It is interesting to see in the first week of our "on-list" discussion the
>many comments related to human over-population issues.
>I though David Medio's comment was especially poignant.
>"I argue that it is those countries that have indeed largely sorted out
>the population problem that are largely responsible for trashing the
>planet (at least those bits away from home turf) through a range of
>subtle and less subtle actions."
>As stated in the editorial, I view human over-population issues as only a
>"symptom" of the much bigger and profound problem/challenge.
>Per the editorial.....
>At its core, the real root cause of coral reef decline, when objectively
>looking at the evidence, seems to be attributable to innate human species
>behavior characteristics determined by how we are genetically hard-wired.
>It raises two key questions.
>(1) Does the human species, when operating in very large groups such as a
>nations, have the genetic capability to live sustainably with its
>(2) Does the human species have the genetic ability to create and maintain
>systems of national governance that makes sustainable environmental
>stewardship possible?
>The answers to these two questions have important ramifications for the
>future of not only coral reefs, but for ourselves and our children, and the
>other species that inhabit this planet.
>In week two, I would very much like to hear views from coral-list experts in
>the fields of animal behavior, policy/governance, and socio-economics with
>respect to the inter-related human behavior/genetic and
>national/international governance issues/challenges - and especially
>thoughts on possible SOLUTIONS.
>Peter Sale touched on this a little in his last post and hopefully he and
>others can expand on it.
>It is also important to note that I am asking these questions from the
>perspective of the unique behavioral/psychological dynamics created when
>"the human species operates in a large group", such as a nation (or as
>groups of nations).  Please try and frame your thinking and responses using
>this perspective/scale of reference.
>Thanks again for your thoughtful participation!  I hope week two is as
>interesting as week one!
>If you need to refer back to "Reefs in Trouble- The Real Root Cause", it can
>be found in the coral-list archives at:
> http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/pipermail/coral-list/2008-September/006245.html
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