[Coral-List] In-situ iron exposure

Albert Norstrom albert at ecology.su.se
Mon Sep 15 05:57:25 EDT 2008

Hi listers,

I was wondering if anybody has any experience with, or any clever 
suggestions as to how, conducting iron exposure experiments in-situ on 
marine benthic organisms such as macroalgae, soft corals etc. I'm aware 
that Kuffner and Pual (2001) conducted microcosm experiments with iron 
enrichment treatments (utlizing an FeSO_4 ^. 7H_2 0 and EDTA stock 
solution). Due to logistical issues the use of microcosm might be 
difficult, and it would be better to come up with a way of enriching 
small experimental patches on the reef with iron.

/Best regards,

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