[Coral-List] reefs in trouble - root cause (alternate view)

Kathleen A. Kelly Kathleen.A.Kelly at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 15 08:49:22 EDT 2008

If I may submit an alternate view on this thread, there is also the 
possibility that it may be problematic to have an overly negative 
outlook on human population issues.  There is the reality of a birth 
dearth in some European countries (such as Italy) that can lead to 
economic problems for supporting an aging population with fewer workers, 
etc.  An alternate view might be to see perceived overpopulation 
problems as being related to social justice, management/distribution of 
resources, and of course, greater attention to sustainability efforts - 
a complex view, to be sure, but possibly helpful in order not to make 
childbearing alone the usual suspect.

News reports during June revealed a woman in Oregon was denied payment 
for a chemo drug from the state-run health plan, which offered funding 
for assisted suicide instead.  While the pharmaceutical company that 
makes the drug stepped in and provided the drug for free, the situation 
seemed indicative of occasional tendencies in society to solve 
social/political problems by attempting to do away with the problem of 
humans.  Similarly, we may learn more about pollution prevention and 
resource management by grappling with these issues in all their 
complexity than by a possible over-reliance on limiting births.

Kathy Kelly, MSLS, C.A. (contractor)
Librarian/Certified Archivist
kathleen.a.kelly at noaa.gov

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