[Coral-List] Volunteer SCUBA Diver Status Question

Todd Stevenson tspng00 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 15:50:27 EDT 2008

I am a graduate student and a AAUS scientific diver, and my research requires working collaboratively with commercial fishers, which necessitates scuba diving.  These fishers aren't scientific divers and nor do they have interest in becoming one, but they have infinite hours and experience in the water.  Because I will be working with and compensating them for their services, my university would like me to somehow have them registered as a "volunteer diver" for liability reasons.  Does anyone know of other scientific diving programs that offer a "volunteer" status for reasons similar to mine?  My dive buddy is another AAUS scientific diver but it's the fishers I’m concerned about.

Any information is appreciated.



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