[Coral-List] Job postings

Virginie Fruh eko at ekolibrium.org
Fri Sep 19 02:41:59 EDT 2008

Dear all, Some time ago, Didier and I wrote to the coral-list as a request
for feedback regarding what you may all think about gathering information on
ecological research and placing it on one central website. Well, we plan on
this central website to provide job listings as well, and most importantly,
job listings from around the world for people around the world, from all
levels. This means no longer sifting through x amounts of places to find

We would like to thank the coral-list for being such an important vector in
allowing us to communicate, and we communicated just the following: that we
are in desperate need of centralizing all information relating to ecological
information and research in one central website.

As we are developing ekolibrium.org, the kind of feedback we are reading on
the coral-list is extremely helpful and we have taken all your wishes into
consideration. We can't guess all the rest, so if you'd wish to participate
in the community who will be helping to develop this website, we'd happily
receive your feedback at eko at ekolibrium.org. We want to be as useful and
efficient at providing the kind of tools to organize the information you

ekolibrium.org will be a website for the community of researchers and
passionates of ecology, and built by that same community. What better way to
show people how to work together than by actually working together!?

We have taken into account all your information regarding educating the
masses and job hunts. We also wish to build around open source publications,
equipment sharing or selling, investments in ecological technologies,
appropriate transfer of technologies between nations, student exchanges,
conferences, results of research, and... the list is long! if you wish more
information, don't hestitate to write to Didier and I,
Best wishes to all,
Thanks again to the coral-list for this trove of valuable information!

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