[Coral-List] The brown alga Colpomenia sinuosa origin

Iain Macdonald dr_iamacdonald at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 28 05:23:38 EDT 2008

I am trying to establish the origin distribution of Colpomenia sinuosa as from my research it appears it was originally from the Pacific with a now global distribution. It appears to have a long (>100 year) history of being an invasive species (articles in Nature from the turn of the centuary!). Does anybody have more exact detials / references to its origin distribution / location?
I am interested in the spread into the Indian Ocean (especially north-west) and how it interacts with hard bottoms and coral communities as i have a feeling this could be a limiting factor in some areas coral community recovery that by its episodic blooming nature is often overlooked or not observed.
Iain Macd.


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