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Dear Steve,

It contrasts sharply with the content of the story which ran in the Washington Post today:

New Data Show Rapid Arctic Ice Decline:

Guess the debate is now really hot.

Big Oil and the Big Three are feeling the pinch and the neo-liberal think thanks sponsored by big industry must defend stances reflecting the position and defending the interests of their sponsors.

When will we see two page ads signed by hundreds of organizations, with scientists on their staffs urging and detailing the action steps needed?

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  For those of you who may have missed this;
I thought it clearly reflects the extent of the 
efforts put forth in opposition to AGW theory
that must somehow be effectively confronted 
(hopefully) through leadership in the scientific,
as well as the political community.

This full page ad appeared in the NY Times on March 30:


Here is an excellent commentary on the CATO Institute’s campaign:


Regards, Steve

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