[Coral-List] The global warming campaign

Tom Lo tolope at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 09:43:20 EDT 2009

 History has taught us that there is not undeniable ideas-theories, and that
we, especially scientists, should be able to consider other supported
interpretations as valuable information (even if today we don't agree them).
Continuous information is and should be acquired and considered on the
global warming issue, enabling actualized analyses and adaptive management
practices (which are being currently designed and implemented in many
countries); there is and will be the necessity of our work!!

However, could it be that some people take the AGW situation as a political,
economical, or even religious, campaign? Remembering an issue in relation
with this: what happened at the end with the widely publicized growing ozone
layer hole? It did stopped growing after the CFC's laws modification or the
Montreal Protocol? (I don't really know, but suppose some of you clearly
do). The important thing is that actions are to be taken when a threat is
detected, but let's not get blind or easily manipulated, thinking on
undeniable ideas about this transcendental subject...

Predictions are a very difficult and controversial subject; even the current
meteorologists fail predicting a rainy-sunny day...
Apologies to bring up this controversial issue again, with information that
may be already post on the list.

Saludos! and have a good day.

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