[Coral-List] corals growing on red mangrove prop roots--St. John, USVI

Eric Borneman eborneman at uh.edu
Mon Aug 3 18:17:02 EDT 2009

Hi Caroline:

Belize: numerous sites, including Rhomboid reefs, Southwater Caye,  
Tobacco Caye, Twin Caye:

S siderea, S. radians, M meandrites, P astreoides, P porites, D  
strigosa, M cavernosa, M ann complex spp., Agaricia spp., Scolymia,  
Oculina, Tubastraea, Phyllangia, Manacina, Millepora spp., Stylaster,  

San Salvador Bahamas: S siderea, S. radians, P astreoides, P porites,  
Agaricia spp., Scolymia, Phyllangia, Manacina, Millepora spp (in a  
single 45 minute snorkel)

This is what I recall or have photos of, and I think from the sites I  
have seen beyond these, the amount of settlement observationally  
rather depends on the location of the mangroves in terms of open water  
exposure and location relative to nearby reefs.

Eric Borneman
Dept. of Biology and Biochemistry
University of Houston

On Aug 3, 2009, at 8:03 AM, Caroline S Rogers wrote:

> Over the last several months I have seen over 30 scleractinian coral
> species growing directly on or near the prop roots of red mangrove  
> trees
> lining the shorelines of three bays in Virgin Islands Coral Reef  
> National
> Monument, St. John, US Virgin Islands. There are a few individuals of
> genera that are quite rare on the coral reefs around the island, for
> example Scolymia and Mycetophyllia.  Photos are available in the  
> Reef Site
> that I just published on line in Coral Reefs.  I see little mention of
> corals growing on prop roots in the published scientific literature,  
> and
> some major review papers do not mention this at all.  Several coral  
> species
> have been reported for the Pelican Cays off Belize but it does not  
> appear
> that the number of species is as high as seen in St. John.
> I would be very interested to know if other people have seen such a  
> high
> diversity of corals in  mangrove habitats anywhere else in the  
> Caribbean or
> know of any papers on this.
> Thanks--
> Caroline
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