[Coral-List] Stronger spawning in Rincon PR tonight

Eric Borneman eborneman at uh.edu
Tue Aug 11 02:10:17 EDT 2009

We had a dramatically stronger spawning tonight in Rincon. On the  
Steps Beach side of the reserve, sporadic bundles were seen in the  
water column and occasionally above colonies on entering the water at  
2050hrs, and continued to approximately 2200hrs. Large colonies  
released many bundles and formed a surface slick, but the upper  
surfaces of many colonies spawning did not have bundles in the area I  
was monitoring. The bundles were being released by the undersides of  
branches making estimation of the total number of colonies or percent  
of colonies in the area difficult. Patchy but strong spawning was also  
observed on the less dense Tres Palmas side of the reserve.

Eric Borneman
Dept. of Biology and Biochemistry
University of Houston

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