[Coral-List] Colpophyllia lookout

Boland, Gregory S Gregory.Boland at mms.gov
Thu Aug 13 14:21:26 EDT 2009

A quick reminder.  Many folks likely know, but just a reminder for those
in the field, don't forget about the late spawning of the brain coral
Colpophyllia natans on the 9th or 10th evenings after the August full
moon.  It's also later at night around 20:45 to 21:30 on the Flower
Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico.  This is 1-2 days after the typical
Montastrea and Diploria spawning.  This was documented for the first
time just in 1994.  


Boland, G.S.  1999.  Spawning observations of the Scleractinian coral
Colpophylia natans in the northwest Gulf of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico
Science. 16(2): 226-228. 



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