[Coral-List] coral recovery from drastic irradiance stress

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Does this seem close enough?

Gattuso, J.-P. (1985). "Features of Depth Effects on Stylophora pistillata,
an Hermatypic Coral In The Gulf of Aqaba (Jordan, Red Sea)." Proc. 5th ICRS,
Tahiti 6: 95-100.
    Abst. The hermatypic coral Stylophora pistillata has a wide bathymetric
distribution on the Jordanian coast of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea). It lives
from the reef flat to at least 60m. Within this depth range light presents a
marked gradient.
Water motion is low in the Gulf but can be important for colonies close to
the surface.

We studied O2 metabolism, the content of chlorophyll, proteins and total
organic carbon, as well as growth and calcification,in situ from 1 to 30
1. Light effects on photosynthesis-irradiance curves are discussed.
2. Growth, measured by the buoyant weight technique, is depth-dependent. It
is maximum at 5m, lower at lm than at 5n and decreases from 5 to 30m.
3. Calcification was measured by the pH-alkalinity method. Daily
calcification follows the same trend as growth but the optimum depth seems
to be around 10m. However, this effect is not statistically significant due
to the limited data and to variability in measurements.

Transplantations were made from 5 to 3h and from 30 to 5m. Photoadaptation
was followed (1d, 15d. 45d and 11 months after tranplanting) by measuring O2
metabolism in situ as well as the content of chlorophyll, protein and total
organic carbon. Photoadaptive response times to high light (30 to 5m) are
slower than those to low light (5 to 30m).

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> Hello to all coral lists.
> I am working on photo physiology of the coral *S. pistillata* in the red
> sea, in one of my experiments a few corals from 30 m depth were transferred
> to 3 m depth. Irradiance level in 3 m was 9 times higher than in 30 m
> depth.
> I was wondering if anyone tried putting corals through such drastic stress
> or heard of any study that shows survival of any specie of corals taken
> from
> deep and relocated in shallow depth, reference will be mostly welcome.
> Thanks.
> Itay Cohen
> PhD. student.
> Hebrew University,
> Inter University Institute in Eilat, Israel.
> email: 2itaycohen at gmail.com
> phone: 972507450404
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