[Coral-List] Copenhagen flop: article raises serious question

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 26 16:45:50 EDT 2009

Maybe the 10,000 people aren't showing up so they can save on the jet
fuel and carbon emissions they'd spew into the atmosphere if they went. 
I say use the saved money to plant 10,000 bamboo plants in a forest
local to the delegates instead, and thereby suck up the 4X CO2 that an
equal weight of standard forest would use, and thereby have decades
(nay, centuries) of extremely rapid renewable presence all over the
globe in honor (and attribution) for the day they didn't show up and did
something constructive instead of posturing and blabbering.

Okay, I digressed...But the issue I mean to point out is that it's
getting to where some sane application of what we already have instead
of talk is something to consider.  Maybe a large answer is right in
front of everybody and they don't even see it:


Okay, I'm gone to go plant some seabreeze bamboo (Bambusa malingensis)
near the shoreline near the local coral reef...


RainbowWarriorsInternational wrote:
> See the article:
> http://www.cphpost.dk/news/national/88-national/46609-climate-summit-flop-feared.html.
> Is there a grain of truth to the threat of a flop?
> We know for a fact that e.g. in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which consists of the Netherlands, Aruba, and the former Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, Curacao, Dutch St.Martin, Saba and St. Eustatia, aka Statia) ONLY the Netherlands are in compliance with climate change treaties.
> The
> Dutch Caribbean islands like many Caribbean nations are not and make no
> excuse for this, except lack of expertise and government resources.
> What
> is the use of tens of thousands of scientists and researchers and NGOs
> being on board, if governments in developing nations do not commit
> themselves to the cause and even consider NOT showing up in Copenhagen?
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