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I will refrain from using acronyms from now on to avoid the confusion. I am glad to see you admit that anthropogenic global warming is an established fact.

Now if we just all could agree on the actual impact of anthropogenic global warming vs. global warming from natural processes over the last say 250 years starting with the Industrial Revolution and admit that the global warming over the last decades is primarily the result of actions of human beings we can get down to business in Copenhagen.

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Dear Milton, I was a little confused with your posting until I 
realized what you meant by AGW. Normally AGW is used to mean 
Anthropogenic Global Warming. I gather you meant it to mean "Anti 
Global Warming. Is that correct? Incidentally my posting "Run Up to 
Copenhagen" was very much pro Anthropogenic Global Warming. It should 
be noted that few people deny that there has been over all Global 
Warming since the little Ice Age at least up to the high of 1998. The 
big question is whether is is primarily caused by Co2 or something 
else..mainly the sun or something influenced by the sun or Earth's 
position within the universe. Also in question is whether Co2 
increase follows warming or visa versa. Lots of questions especially 
among Earth scientists who are aware that Earth experienced many 
climate fluctuations long before there were humans. Maybe I'm just 
speculating but I guess that is now ok now that we know what the new 
rules are.  Gene

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