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Dear All,

ReefBase has received a request (see below) from ISLANDS magazine to nominate the top 10 island reefs (from a dive/snorkel tourism perspective). In addition to our own info, I would like to solicit the opinions of the very knowledgeable subscribers on this list. Remember that the reefs must be island reefs as opposed to continental and must be accessible to dive tourists (i.e. places like Palmyra or Navassa would probably not be good choices).

Please send your comments directly to me and I will synthesize them and post them back to the list before forwarding them to the magazine.


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Subject: Media query: Researching "Best Island Reefs" for ISLANDS magazine

Hi, I'm an editor at ISLANDS magazine hoping to tap the expertise of
ReefBase for an upcoming article called "Best Island Reefs." We're looking
to spotlight the world's top 10 island reefs that offer sustainable diving
and snorkeling opportunities for responsible travelers.

I'd love to get your insight on these questions:

1. Which reef or reefs do you think best showcase sustainable travel,
balancing visitors' exploration with reef conservation?

2. Which dive or snorkel sites on that reef highlight it best?

3. Is there a local dive resort or guide you'd recommend I contact for
further insight?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer this week. I certainly appreciate
it. And feel free to contact me with any questions.

Chris Tauber
Managing editor
460 N. Orlando Ave., Ste. 200
Winter Park, FL 32789
chris.tauber at bonniercorp.com

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