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The next Larval Biology Symposium will be in Wellington, New Zealand,
23-27 August 2010.  As part of the
conference, Steve Simpson, John Montgomery and Jeff Leis are convening a
symposium titled "The influence of larval sensory abilities on

We would be
delighted if you could attend the Conference and present a paper at our
symposium. Time slots are likely to be 20 minutes (15 talk + 5 questions).

You can find details of the Conference


If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Larval2010 at vuw.ac.nz requesting that you be put on the mailing
list and also cc to one or more of us, or better still, email us separately to
give us a tentative title.

We look
forward to hearing from you, and would be grateful if you passed this on to
anyone else who may be interested.

Cheers,  Steve Simpson, John
Montgomery & Jeff Leis

Stephen.Simpson at bristol.ac.uk

j.montgomery at auckland.ac.nz

Jeff.Leis at austmus.gov.au

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