[Coral-List] Coral bleaching in Belize

Linda Searle linda at ecomarbelize.org
Sat Dec 5 15:02:53 EST 2009

Dear Ken:


As Lisa Carne mentioned the Belize National Coral Reef Monitoring Network
(Coral Network) has established an Early Warning Alert System for coral
bleaching in Belize, aka the Belize Coral Bleaching Response Plan,  which
includes monitoring bleaching levels year round by volunteers of the Coral
Watch program, monitoring environmental conditions via the satellite data
produced by the excellent team at NOAA's Coral Reef Watch, and scientific
monitoring by members of the Belize Coral Network.  The project was
spearheaded and funded by TNC and WWF in 2008 and ECOMAR coordinates the
efforts along with the Coral Network members.  Our members are the Belize
Fisheries Department who manage many MPAs in Belize and numerous NGOs which
are involved in MPA management and coral reef research here in Belize.
Members of the Belize Coral Network conducted coordinated surveys of
bleaching in Oct 09 and are heading out again before Christmas to conduct
another survey.  In all more than 50 sites are monitored which provides some
excellent data which we hope to use in identifying resilient reefs. 


I would like to take this opportunity to mention this program to you and
others who may be involved in bringing groups to Belize, or doing research
in Belize, as we are always in need volunteers to participate in the Coral
Watch program and welcome assistance in scientific monitoring of the reefs
that are presently not being monitored.  We have a Belize Coral Watch
Program Power Point presentation which we use to train volunteers and by
2010 we will have a Belize Coral Watch Program training DVD.  If you would
like to assist please contact me at linda at ecomarbelize.org and perhaps when
you return to Belize we can meet with Mr. Majil from the Fisheries
Department and discuss the Early Warning Alert System we have set in place.


Best regards from Belize,


Linda Searle


PO Box 1234

Belize City, Belize

TEL: (501) 671-3483

Email: linda at ecomarbelize.org





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