[Coral-List] "Growing" calcium-carbonate reefs

Justin Enjo jenjo2008 at my.fit.edu
Mon Dec 7 18:13:33 EST 2009

Coral List,

Short anecdote.  If I put a  metallic structure (underwater in the ocean)
and apply an electric potential to it (cathode-anode), I can cause
calcium-carbonate to precipitate out of solution.  In essence, I would be
"growing" a calcium carbonate reef.  If carbon dioxide is being taking out
of solution as well, dissolved oxygen levels near the anodic reaction would
suspect to rise, causing a positive feedback loop for growing my reef.

Can anyone send me peer review journal articles touching on this subject? I
am looking especially for research into "growing" such reefs.  Does anyone
have any documented history with this topic they would be willing to share?


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