[Coral-List] "Growing" calcium-carbonate reefs

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Dear Justin,

I took part a few years back in a Research and Technological Development programme which aimed, among other things, at developing and fine tuning this reef building technique. The lead partner was the University of Essen in Germany (Prof. Helmut Schuhmacher, with project co-ordinator Peter van Treek). The programme's website is http://www.uni-due.de/nomatec/index_en.html

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  Coral List,

  Short anecdote.  If I put a  metallic structure (underwater in the ocean)
  and apply an electric potential to it (cathode-anode), I can cause
  calcium-carbonate to precipitate out of solution.  In essence, I would be
  "growing" a calcium carbonate reef.  If carbon dioxide is being taking out
  of solution as well, dissolved oxygen levels near the anodic reaction would
  suspect to rise, causing a positive feedback loop for growing my reef.

  Can anyone send me peer review journal articles touching on this subject? I
  am looking especially for research into "growing" such reefs.  Does anyone
  have any documented history with this topic they would be willing to share?

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