[Coral-List] Postdoc Developmental biology and calcification in embryogenesis of scleractinian corals

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Postdoc Developmental biology and calcification in embryogenesis of scleractinian corals

NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is a research institute part of the Netherlands 
Organization for Scientific Research NWO. NIOZ was founded in 1876 and is one of the oldest marine 
institutes in Europe.  Its mission is to gain and communicate scientific knowledge on seas and 
oceans for the understanding and sustainability of our planet, and to facilitate and support 
marine research and education in the Netherlands and Europe.

The project Developmental biology and calcification in embryogenesis of scleractinian corals is 
financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, NWO, research program 
Computational Life Sciences. The project is a collaboration with the research groups from 
Prof. R.P.M. Bak & Dr. J. van Bleijswijk (Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), 
Dr. J.A. Kaandorp (Section Computational Science, University of Amsterdam) and  Prof. D.J. Miller 
(James Cook University, Australia). The candidate is expected to collaborate extensively with 
molecular developmental biologists and computational biologists.  For this project Royal NIOZ is 
looking for a Postdoctoral scientist 

Job description. 
The central research question we propose to investigate in this project is to characterize the 
genes that control the differences in coral morphology for related coral species. We do this by 
a quantitative comparison of gene expression patterns. We especially focus on genes involved in 
the process of calcification. As a start, we will study the developmental process in Acropora 
millepora larvae, in collaboration with Prof. D.J. Miller (James Cook University). We aim to 
collect and analyze spatio-temporal gene expression patterns of genes involved in the 
calcification process for different developmental stages. A better understanding of 
calcification in corals is of fundamental importance in research on the potentially detrimental 
impact of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, reducing ocean pH and carbonate 
ion concentrations on the calcification process in corals and other calcifying organisms. In 
collaboration with Dr. J.A. Kaandorp (University of Amsterdam) a computational model of 
calcification in corals will be developed.

Candidates should have a PhD degree in molecular developmental biology with preferably an 
expertise in cnidarians.  The Postdoc is expected to collaborate with computational biologists. 
The Postdoc should be able to work in an international research team.  A strong research record, 
evidenced by a PhD thesis and papers published in peer-reviewed journals is required. Fluency in 
oral and written English is required. Motivation to travel to different countries and integrate 
efficiently in a new research team is fundamental. 

We offer a full-time Postdoc position for 3 years. This includes a pension scheme, a health insurance 
allowance, a yearly 8% vacation allowance, year-end bonus and flexible employment conditions and 
initial help with housing for foreigners. Conditions are based on the Collective Employment Agreement 
of the Research Institutes. 

Further information

Further information on the project can be obtained from : Dr. J. van Bleijswijk, Molecular Biology 
Laboratory, Royal NIOZ, The Netherlands, tel +31 222 369521, e-mail: Judith.van.Bleijswijk at nioz.nl  
or Dr J. A. Kaandorp, Section Computational Science, University of Amsterdam, tel. +31 20 525 7539; 
e-mail: J.A.Kaandorp at uva.nl or otherwise from Jolanda Evers, Human Resources (Email: 
Jolanda.Evers at nioz.nl, phone +31-222-369371) More information on the research and our institute see: 

To apply, please send a Cover letter, CV, Statement of research interests, pdfs of most relevant 
publications and names and contact information of two references who are familiar with your work to 
the HRM Department, attended to Ms. J. Evers, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, P.O. Box 59, 
1790 AB Den Burg, Texel, The Netherlands or email to: jobs at nioz.nl  

Closing Date:  January 8th 2010 or until a qualified candidate is identified.

Dr. Jaap A. Kaandorp
Section Computational Science
Faculty of Science
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 107 (new address name from 1-1-2009) 
1098 XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 5257539 / +31 20 5257462
email: J.A.Kaandorp at uva.nl (please note new email address from 20-5-2008)
fax: +31 20 525.7419
URL: http://www.science.uva.nl/~jaapk/

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