[Coral-List] "Growing" calcium-carbonate reefs

Georg Heiss georg.heiss at reefcheck.de
Wed Dec 9 13:21:24 EST 2009

Dear Justin,

colleagues from Germany have been working on artificial reef substrates
created by electrolysis, you might want to contact them directly for
further information.

Dr. Michael Eisinger <Michael.Eisinger at uni-due.de>
Dr. Peter van Treeck <peter.van-treeck at uni-due.de>
Prof. Dr. Helmut Schuhmacher <helmut.schuhmacher at uni-duisburg-essen.de>

A recent summary of their work:

M.Eisinger, P.van Treeck and H.Schuhmacher “ Two
decades of German research on artificialreefsandcoralreef
rehabilitation in the northern Red Sea”

M.Eisinger, P.van Treeck, M.Paster, and H.Schuhmacher
“Coral transplantation on electrochemically formed
reefs structures and development of adapted coral reef
rehabilitation concepts – the CONTRAST project in Egypt”

P.van Treeck,M.Eisinger, M.Paster and H.Schuhmacher
“Control factors of colonization and recruitment, studied on
artificial reef substrates created by electrolysis”


Aqaba-Eilat, the Improbable Gulf
Edited By Dov Por
February 2009 Hardcover
SKU 45-401015

Hope this helps,

Best regards,

Dr. Georg Heiss
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Justin Enjo wrote:
> Coral List,
> Short anecdote.  If I put a  metallic structure (underwater in the ocean)
> and apply an electric potential to it (cathode-anode), I can cause
> calcium-carbonate to precipitate out of solution.  In essence, I would be
> "growing" a calcium carbonate reef.  If carbon dioxide is being taking out
> of solution as well, dissolved oxygen levels near the anodic reaction would
> suspect to rise, causing a positive feedback loop for growing my reef.
> Can anyone send me peer review journal articles touching on this subject? I
> am looking especially for research into "growing" such reefs.  Does anyone
> have any documented history with this topic they would be willing to share?
> -Justin
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