[Coral-List] New Report on Climate Change and Caribbean released in Copenhagen

Mark Eakin Mark.Eakin at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 15 14:10:35 EST 2009

A new report spearheaded by the CARIBSAVE project under UNDP funding  
highlights the impacts of climate change on Caribbean nations and  
natural resources. In particular, the report highlights the difference  
in the impacts at the 2.0°C increase being pushed by many UN  
negotiators vs. the 1.5°C increase promoted by the Alliance of Small  
Island States. The report focuses on: the implications of ice sheet  
melt for global sea level rise (SLR); the projections and implications  
of SLR for the Caribbean region; evaluation of the differential  
impacts of +1.5° and +2°C on coral reefs, water resources and  
agriculture in the Caribbean, with additional analysis for the Pacific  
islands. Of particular interest are the sections on climate change and  
ocean acidification impacts on Caribbean coral reefs -- analysis led  
by NOAA's Coral Reef Watch and its partners.

Copies of the report's Key Findings, Executive Summary, and  
promotional posters can be downloaded from the Coral Reef Watch  
Website at:

The full report is still being finalized.


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"Our generation's response to this challenge (of climate change) will  
be judged by history, for if we fail to meet it -- boldly, swiftly,  
and together -- we risk consigning future generations to an  
irreversible catastrophe."
Barack Obama, Sep. 22 2009

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