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Bill Allison allison.billiam at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 10:58:31 EST 2009

The implications could be interesting:


On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 10:44 AM, Jim Hendee <jim.hendee at noaa.gov> wrote:
> Greeting again...
>    As the subject of a good story and for purposes of a follow-up
> award, Dave Fuzzo has asked if he could query Coral-List subscribers to
> determine who has dived longer and in more places than any coral
> scientist.  He will follow-up in January, but for the time being, I
> guess some of the qualifiers we can think of are:
>    * Does "any coral scientist" include deceased divers?  Like, does
>      Jacques Cousteau pass muster?
>    * Which leads to the next question:  How do we define "scientist?"
>      Peer-reviewed publications?  What about those folks who dive
>      thousands of hours on, say, the GBR for the benefit of the
>      science, but themselves don't publish?  I know guys who dive every
>      single week of the year, and they have an education in marine
>      biology or oceanography, but they don't publish.
>    * When considering places dived, does that include repeat dives, or
>      unique sites, and if so, what about spatial separation of said
>      sites?  (Like, does a dive 100 m down the beach count?)
>    * What constitutes the proof for purposes of the Award?  Logged
>      dives in an official log for, say, PADI?
>    * Should there be an official end date for the tally (say, June, 2010)?
>    * What should the name of the Award be?
>    Whoever "wins" almost doesn't matter, because the stories that will
> come out of this would be accounts of some great adventures and some
> nice chronicles in coral reef research.  The top head-soakers, whoever
> they may be, certainly deserve recognition, that's for sure, and I hope
> they get international recognition beyond what they might already have.
> After all, it's a significant risk with every dive, as TG could
> certainly attest.
>    Just some thoughts for the coming weeks...
>    Cheers,
>    Jim
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