[Coral-List] International Year of Biodiversity 2010 project in Aruba

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Tue Dec 22 23:09:46 EST 2009

Dear listers,

Rainbow Warriors Core Foundation (aka Rainbow Warriors International) will be conducting a preliminary study to a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan in Aruba. This study is being financed by the
Dutch Government and local private sector sponsors.

The deliverables are:
1. Overview of status quo
inventory of national legislation in place with regard to biodiversity and conservation; 
structure and tasks of government agencies involved in biodiversity and
conservation (including management of protected areas) 
overview of private sector and civil society actors involved in biodiversity and conservation 
of obligations under ratified conventions on biodiversity and
conservation, status of implementation and supporting infrastructures 
overview of national and regional programs and projects in place in Aruba on biodiversity and conservation 
2. Creating conditions for setting up a National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Aruba
guidelines: identifying basic elements to initiate the process 
modules; identify training modules for conservation and biodiversity
for government agencies and management of protected areas 
support: identifying sources of conservation financial support from
international programs and conventions (UN, EU, international funding
organizations etc.) 
capacity building: identifying the key elements in capacity building for government agencies and management of protected areas, private sector initiatives and civil society (conservation and sustainable development NGOs) 

Three important additional elements in this preliminary study are:
The Cartagena Convention and its protocols are considered the key instruments for Aruba and the Dutch CaribbeanThe Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance is considered the central backbone of all nature conservation and biodiversity research programs and projects for the Dutch Caribbean;
A Kingdom of the Netherlands wide approach to biodiversity issues is promoted and seen as key to dealing with biodiversity in the Dutch Caribbean
Technical support from the CBD Secretariat in Montreal has been secured for this project.

look forward to providing updated extensive information
at the beginning of January 2010, and a special web site www.biodiversityaruba.info/www.biodiversidadaruba.info will
 be created for this project.

Milton Ponson, President
Rainbow Warriors Core Foundation
(Rainbow Warriors International) Tel. +297 747 8280
PO Box 1154, Oranjestad 
Aruba, Dutch Caribbean 
Email: southern_caribbean at yahoo.com Web Sites: http://www.southerncaribbean..org   http://www.rainbowwarriors.net (Global)

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