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Dear Ivana:

Scientists/staff at CSA International, Inc. have conducted several
relatively large coral relocation/reattachment projects within the past
12 years associated with private development, oil and gas production
activities, and commercial ship groundings. 

Berry Islands, Bahamas - nearly 5,000 stony corals and octocorals which
were detached and damaged during hurricanes were reattached within a
newly constructed lagoon (1998-2002).

Arabian Gulf off Qatar - 4,500 stony coral colonies were removed from a
pipeline corridor, moved 46 km, and reattached in a similar reef area
which had been adversely impacted by temperature extremes a few years
earlier (2006-2007).

More than 12,000 stony coral and octocoral colonies and fragments
(including more than 1,300 fragments of the threatened staghorn coral
Acropora cervicornis) were reattached following the grounding of the M/T
MARGARA off the south coast of Puerto Rico (from 2006 to 2009). This
project was conducted in conjunction with the Puerto Rico Department of
Natural and Environmental Resources and the U.S. National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration. 

More than 5,500 stony corals were reattached to a nearshore reef
following a ship grounding in Oahu, Hawaii.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if larger projects have been conducted,
in each of these cases the corals were "successfully reattached" in
similar habitat (and not just moved and dumped), primarily with a
hydraulic cement mixture.  Various levels of monitoring were included to
assess the success of each of the projects.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Keith D. Spring
CSA International, Inc.
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561-762-6064 (mobile)
kspring at conshelf.com

   1. coral relocation (Ivana Kenny)


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Dear Coral-Listers,
I am trying to find out what the largest coral relocation effort has
When? Where? and How many colonies?



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