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Dear List:

WCS is seeking a Marine Technical Director to be based in Madagascar. If
you are interested, please reply to the email addresses in the

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Position:                     WCS Marine Technical Director, Madagascar 

Reports to:                 Director, WCS Marine Conservation, New York

Coordinates with:      WCS/Madagascar Country Program Director


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) seeks a Marine Technical
Director to lead its marine conservation efforts in Madagascar.  The
program goal is to promote marine conservation in Madagascar by
developing and leading science-based, community-driven field
conservation and capacity building programs in priority seascapes, which
focus on priority species, sustainable fisheries management and adaptive
management in the face of climate change.  These site-based initiatives
will serve as models for affective marine conservation to inform
national marine conservation strategic development.

The marine conservation program primarily focuses on:  i) working
closely with local communities to protect coastal and marine systems,
included targeted species and over-all ecosystem integrity; ii)
providing specific expertise on adaptation to climate change and
sustainable management of coastal fisheries; iii) supporting a global
effort to conserve threatened populations of coastal and oceanic
cetaceans; iv) training and capacity building in marine conservation
within and external to WCS, and participation in overall marine
conservation planning and prioritization in Madagascar.

The position is based in the capital city of Antananarivo, and will
require extensive travel within Madagascar to priority programs in the
northeast (Antongil Bay), the southwest (Toliara Barrier Reef) and the
Northwest. The WCS Madagascar Marine Director position is a full-time
position with benefits.  


Position Objective:

Overall  Responsibilities 

The Marine Technical Director provides strategic, programmatic and
technical oversight to the WCS/Marine team in the development,
implementation and management of the field level activities for
WCS/Madagascar marine conservation program.   He/she will work as a team
with the WCS/NY Marine Director and the Country Program Director in
overall strategic development, program planning and budgeting processes.
He/she will be principally responsible for guiding technical
orientations and providing specific input for on-site decisions. 


Marine Conservation Strategic and Programmatic Planning (30%)

*         In coordination with the WCS Madagascar Country Program
Director and marine technical team, further develop a marine
conservation vision and strategic plan for WCS' work in Madagascar that
identifies goals, objectives and programs of work for research,
conservation and community resource management.  Review and refine
program priorities, strategy and approaches, and overall monitoring and
evaluation system.

*         Contribute to and support the strategic planning and
implementation of WCS' efforts for the conservation of globally
important marine species, or Ocean Giants in Madagascar.  Communicate
regularly, support and coordinate with Ocean Giants staff focused on the
specific programmatic elements of this effort throughout Madagascar with
accountability to the Director of the Ocean Giants Program.

*         In collaboration with WCS/NY Marine Director, represent WCS'
marine conservation work in Madagascar to technical and financial
partners, government partners, and other NGOs; present program
information at national and international meetings. Establish and
maintain strong working relationships with these partners.

*         In coordination with WCS staff in Madagascar and New York,
identify new funding opportunities to support priority marine
conservation initiatives.  Prepare grant proposals, engage the donor
community, and liaise with other organizations.  Provide technical
support to WCS/Madagascar staff in grant proposal and budget

*         In accordance with priorities and available resources, oversee
the implementation of marine research activities, including training of
national students and staff research. 

WCS Marine Conservation Program Technical Management and Support (40%)

*         Ensure that WCS/Madagascar marine field programs/projects
appropriately address Global Conservation Program (GCP) marine
conservation goals and objectives relating to site-based, species-based
and GCP priority issues.    

*         Provide direct supervision to the WCS/Madagascar marine
conservation team to reinforce their technical planning, management, and
implementation capacity.  With the Country Program Director coordinate
and facilitate capacity building, training and professional development
of current staff and partners.

*         Prepare performance reviews of WCS/Madagascar marine
conservation team.  Identify short-term specialists - expatriate and
local - and ensure their supervision by, and collaboration with, a
member of the Malagasy marine team.

*         Oversee preparation of annual work plans and periodic reports
as required by WCS and financial partners.   Ensure compliance with WCS
reporting and management policies and procedures including appropriate
content and clarity of all reports.  Supervise the oversight of any
subcontractors or grantees performance, including authorization of
payments to subcontractors/grantees

*         Promote and oversee coordination of WCS/Madagascar marine
science, research and conservation initiatives.  Ensure appropriate and
efficient collection, analysis, dissemination and publication of field
data.  Publicize WCS/Madagascar marine program achievements through
popular and scientific media, and publish project results in scientific

Technical Oversight of Marine Program Implementation (30%)

*         Provide technical support to and maintain regular contact with
field staff , in program/project workplan development, financial
planning and field level implementation through regular team meetings
and field visits.

*         Advise WCS/NY Marine Director and WCS Country Program Director
in determining personnel and technical needs to ensure implementation of
an efficient, effective, and technically capable marine conservation
field program.  As needed, oversee the recruitment of new staff,
including temporary local and overseas experts.

*         Ensure that field program/project efforts coordinate with
other technical and financial partners within the context of a
land/seascape approach. Promote capacity building of local communities
as effective and engaged resource stewards.

*         Prepare recommendations to address any problems or constraints
with the implementation of the WCS/Madagascar marine conservation
program, and take the lead in implementing those recommendations upon
discussion with and endorsement by the WCS/NY Marine Director, WCS
Country Program Director and marine team


*         Ph.D./ MSc., or equivalent experience and strong record in
marine conservation science, marine ecology or biology, including
conservation and project management experience. 

*         Proven ability to achieve successful on-the-ground
conservation in tropical developing countries. 

*         Ability to effectively deal with the challenges of field-based
tropical conservation and local community and conservation politics. 

*         Ability to work sensitively and effectively with people of
diverse cultures, value systems, perspectives and levels of education,
and to manage staff in these contexts. 

*         Professional proficiency in French and English.

*         Ability to build capacity in community-driven natural resource
management, field research, conservation biology, conservation advocacy,
and project management.  Demonstrated success raising funds and managing
large projects.  

*         Willingness to travel within Madagascar and internationally.

To apply, please email cover letter and CV with subject "Madagascar
Marine Director" to recruitment at wcs.org, and marineprogram at wcs.org, by
January 25, 2010.






Elizabeth Matthews, PhD

Assistant Director, Marine Conservation
Wildlife Conservation Society
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Tel: (718) 220-7136
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ematthews at wcs.org
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