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Melanie McField mcfield at healthyreefs.org
Tue Feb 3 13:09:09 EST 2009

*First EcoHealth Report Card for the Mesoamerican Reef Finds Most Reefs are
in Poor to Fair Conditions and Calls for Stronger Reef Conservation Measures
to Restore Reef Health.   *

* *

**The Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative has launched the first
EcoHealth Report Card for the Mesoamerican Reef. Dr. Melanie McField of the
Smithsonian Institution says *"the grades are not encouraging, with most
reefs in poor to fair condition. While the picture could be worse, it
clearly signals the urgency of stronger actions to protect our reef. With so
many reefs in fair to poor condition they could easily turn in either
direction (for better or worse) depending on or current actions. We need to
do the right thing for the reefs and for the people depending on these
reefs to sustain their livelihoods". *

* *

The 16 page report card and accompanying 8 min video were launched November
14, 2008 during a Reef Symposium and Gala in Belize City.


Belize's Prime Minister, the Hon. Dean Barrow, had this to say after viewing
the "WANTED: HEALTHY REEFS" video: *"Obviously the old saying 'A picture is
worth a thousand words' still holds true.  That is an extremely compelling
video.  It is a clarion call to arms and one that I will certainly,
absolutely heed because of the effect that the video had on me…[it] will
help keep me honest with respect to the support that I will need to lend and
hereby pledge to give your efforts".*


The Report Card presents an easy-to-understand overview of reef ecosystem
condition and stewardship by providing a straightforward five-point grading
system from  'very good' to 'critical'  for seven reef indicators, combined
into a novel Integrated Reef Health Index which synthesizes all the
ecological reef data into one "Dow Jones" style index.

Download the Report Card and learn more about the Healthy Reefs Initiative
at: www.healthyreefs.org

The WANTED: HEALTHY REEFS (~8mins) video can be viewed or downloaded from :

View it on Youtube (English version)

Or view the Spanish version
Also see the related link:
Matt Lauer and the TODAY show learn about Healthy Reefs for Healthy People

Melanie McField
Coordinator, Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative
Smithsonian Institution
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email: mcfield at healthyreefs.org  or mcfieldm at si.edu

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