[Coral-List] 2009 Global Fellowships

Debbie Pease drpease1 at duke.edu
Wed Feb 4 10:47:01 EST 2009

Deadline: 15 February
For additional information regarding the Global Fellowships in Marine 
Conservation applicants are encouraged to contact 
ml_admissions at nicholas.duke.edu.
Fellowships for international students will fully cover travel expenses, 
room and board, and tuition for both BIO 109/ENV 209 Conservation 
Biology and Policy and one elective course subject to availability.

This fellowship is available to any international applicant who meets 
the following precondition: admission to BIO109/ENV209 Conservation 
Biology and Policy. Admission to the course does not automatically imply 
award of a fellowship; separate reviews are conducted. International 
students living outside the United States are not required to pay deposits.

Application Form
There is no separate fellowship application form. Intent to apply for a 
fellowship should be made known on the reverse of the summer course 
enrollment form.

Required Credentials
In addition to the summer application for courses and current college or 
professional school transcript*, each Global Fellowship applicant is 
required to submit (1) a brief essay (one page or less) describing the 
applicant’s education, research, and work experience background (a 
Curriculum Vitae does not take the place of this essay); (2) a brief 
statement of purpose, i.e., describing the applicant's reason for taking 
the course, how the applicant will be able to apply the training in 
his/her home country, the applicant's future goals; and (3) a letter of 
recommendation from academic faculty or employer addressed to Dr. Larry 
Crowder. All credentials may be posted (135 Duke Marine Lab Rd, Beaufort 
NC 28516, USA) or faxed (252 504 7648) to the attention of the 
Admissions Office or scanned and sent in Word or pdf form as an email 
attachment to ml_admissions at nicholas.duke.edu. We do not offer 
guidelines about the information to be included in your reference 
letter. These letters typically include how the referee knows you, 
his/her opinions of your work together in the past, and thoughts about 
whether he/she feels you'd be well suited to this program.

* If at all possible, a copy of the transcript is preferred. A scan 
(sent in Word or pdf form as an email attachment to 
ml_admissions at nicholas.duke.edu) or fax (252 504 7648) to the attention 
of the Admissions Office of an unofficial version of the transcript is 
fine. If this is impossible, then please send a copy of your degree. An 
ordinary (non certified) translation of the transcript is fine.

Due Date
All global fellowship credentials must be received no later than 15 
February by the admissions office of the Marine Laboratory. All 
fellowship applicants will be notified of their award status shortly 
after the deadline date.

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