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The Caribbean MPA Managers Network and Forum's (CaMPAM)
Trinidad and Tobago, 22 March - 4 April, 2009


The Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) of
the Cartagena Convention encourages governments of the region to protect
the region's biodiversity through the establishment of protected areas.
Given the great emphasis placed on protected area management the
Governments approved the development of a training programme for
trainers and protected area personnel.

A Training of Trainers Programme in Marine Protected Area (MPA)
Management is one of the initiatives undertaken by UN Environment
Programme, Caribbean Environment Programme (UNEP-CEP) and its Regional
Coordinating Unit in Jamaica in support of the above mandate, the
International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN), and the 2012 global
goal of the Convention of Biological Diversity.

This year the program will be co-sponsored by the following organizations:
- UNEP's Caribbean Environment Programme and the Swedish International
Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) through the Caribbean MPA Managers
Network and Forum (CaMPAM) and the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries
Institute (GCFI),
- Buccoo Reef Trust (Trinidad and Tobago), with funding from
International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) and the UN Foundation (UNF);
- Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Protected Areas and
Associated Livelihoods Project (OPAAL); and
- with the additional contribution from NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation
The programme consists of this regional course, as well as local
follow-up training activities, and a pilot mentorship program to
disseminate best practices.

Regional Training of Trainers Course

The course is designed to introduce participants to the basic aspects of
MPA management and will be taught using lectures, and field exercises
combined with interactive discussions, namely,

    * The characteristics of the Caribbean marine environment
    * Uses and threats to the marine environment
    * Marine protected areas overview
    * Participatory planning
    * Marine protected area planning
    * Marine protected area management
    * Research and monitoring
    * Communication and training skills

The Regional Course will take place at the Buccoo Reef Marine Park, in
the Tobago Island (Trinidad and Tobago) on 22 March - 4 April, 2009

This course will be taught in English, but English-speaking applicants
from the Caribbean French Departments and the Netherlands Antilles will
also be considered. A full scholarship (air transportation,
accommodation, tuition) will be provided to selected applicants (likely
one per country or territory), as well as seed financial support for the
follow-up training activities. The target group for the course is marine
protected area managers and similar senior personnel from sites or
national environmental government agencies and non-governmental
organizations directly involved with MPA management. Interested
participants should fill the following forms and submit them via email
to CaMPAM (see below) by 20 February, 2009:

 A. An application form with information on the applicant's job title,
    position and description, academic background and training
    experience; and
  B. A form with the institution's commitment to conduct follow-up
    in-country training within 6 months of return from the regional
    course, and,
   C. A nomination letter from your institution
   D. Updated Curriculum Vitae
(A, B, C are copied below)

Priority will be given to applicants from countries that are Contracting
Parties to the SPAW Protocol.

The certificate of attendance will be granted upon the completion by the
trainee(s) of the follow-up training activity in their country.

The required information should be addressed via email to:

Georgina Bustamante Ph.D., course coordinator
Caribbean MPA Managers Network and Forum (CaMPAM)
Ph: +1 (954) 963-3626
Email: gbustamante at bellsouth.net


A. Application Form

Training of Trainers course in Marine Protected Area Management,
Buccoo Reef Marine Park, in the Tobago Island (Trinidad and Tobago) 22
March-4 April, 2009

This application form is to accompany the letter of commitment and the
letter of nomination from the head of your organisation. Please complete
all sections and submit by 23 February 2009, to Georgina Bustamante,
CaMPAM (Phone: +1 (954) 963-3626), Email: gbustamante at bellsouth.net

1. Contact information

Applicant name

Title of post


Mailing address




(We will use this e-mail address for all correspondence concerning this
training workshop unless you inform us otherwise.)

Participants will be selected for training based on the extent to which
they meet certain criteria. Kindly answer all of the questions below as
fully as possible to assist our selection process. Boxes will expand as
you type.

2. Tell us about your training and experience in relation to marine
protected area management.

3. Tell us about your current work responsibilities related to an MPA

4. Tell us about the specific MPA location where you want to use this
training for a local training course upon return, and what type of
training you feel would benefit your organization as managers of this MPA

5. Are you likely to implement a local training course at the MPA
between May and November 2009


6. If selected, my preferred travel details to Tobago are as follows -
it is important that we have these details:




Flight No




Flight No

US$ Approx. ______[Cost of a return economy fare ticket converted to US

7. You may indicate, in a separate note, any special circumstances or
requirements that we should know.

8. I have enclosed in my application:



Letter of commitment from the head of my organization to implement a
local training course at our MPA May-October 2009

Letter of nomination

Updated Curriculum Vitae

Please note that all attachments must be submitted in order for the
application to be considered.



The completed reply form is not expected to exceed two pages in length.
Thank you.

February 2009
To whom it may concern:

In consideration of the selection of our employee __________________ as
a participant in the UNEP Training of Trainers Course in Marine
Protected Area Management, Buccoo Reef Marine Park, in the Tobago Island
(Trinidad and Tobago), 22 March - 4 April, 2009

I _______________________________ of __________________________________
name address

hereby commit to conduct in country training as a follow-up to the
Training of Trainers Course between May - November2009. To this end, we
will submit a brief proposal, for up to US$4,000, to CaMPAM within the
month following the course, for funding of the local training exercise.

____________________________ signature

_____________________________ date

_____________________________ witness



February 2009

To whom it may concern:

Please respond to the following questions:

Why are you nominating the applicant?

What type of local training would be suitable for your MPA?

How can your organization benefit from the training of one of your

You can be more or less specific - A simple letter will do.

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