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Eran Brokovich eran.brokovich at mail.huji.ac.il
Fri Feb 6 13:16:06 EST 2009

for first aid, immerse in hot water, as hot as the help giver can stand.
immerse for about 30 min. make sure this doesn't waste evacuation time. the
poison is a protein degrading in the heat.

in the hospital they usually treat for pain and monitor systemic and
allergic reactions. medical analgesia, removal of residual spine(s) and
consideration of prophylactic antibiotics and tetanus immunisation are the
mainstays of treatment.
non fatal usually but in extreme cases could lead to allergic reactions,
vomiting, nausea and cardio-vascular collapse.

the hot water immersion soon after envenomation will help tremendously in
controlling the amount of poison going into the body. it will reduce pain
and venom quantities resulting in a less severe injury
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