[Coral-List] Dr. Kiyoshi Yamazato

日高 道雄 hidaka at sci.u-ryukyu.ac.jp
Sun Feb 15 21:50:26 EST 2009

It is sad to announce that Emeritus Professor Kiyoshi Yamazato  
(University of the Ryukyus, Meio University) passed away on 13  
February 2009. He was one of the founders of the Japanese Coral Reef  
Society and served as chairman from the start of the society (1997)  
to 2005. He also served as the chairman of Local Organizing Committee  
of the 10ICRS held in Okinawa in 2004. He contributed to the  
establishment of Sesoko Station, Tropical Biosphere Research Center,  
University of the Ryukyus. Many prominent coral researchers such as  
Profs. Loya, Kinzie, Titlyanov, Benayahu and Richmond visited Sesoko  
Station as visiting professors and contributed to coral studies.

Michio Hidaka
University of the Ryukyus

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