[Coral-List] Habitat complexity and fishes settlement

Adrien Cheminee adriencheminee at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 18 12:42:02 EST 2009

Hello everybody,
Within my PhD, along the coast of NW Mediterranean, I am planning an experiment to test the effect of habitat complexity (e.g. macroalgae canopy structure) on settlement of fish juveniles. More precisely, I wish to follow the settlement of fish post-larvae within different types of habitat. I will use  artificial habitat, e.g. small units (few meters square) of artificial algal mimics. The idea is to test the effect of algal densities and patch size on the density of post-larvae settling inside (pelagic larval dispersion species). I am looking for references of studies that would have been investigating such patterns, and I guess this has been done in coral reef environment, for example studies of fishes settlement over coral heads or patches of varying structural complexity. I am more precisely interested in understanding methods that were used : visual census of post-settlers / sampling / captures  etc... I would apreciate if any of you could give me
 some references or papers on related topics.
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