[Coral-List] Black cyanobacterisponge, Terpios hishinota, outbreak in, coral reefs and geographic information needed (Allen Chen)

Allen Chen cac at gate.sinica.edu.tw
Thu Feb 19 09:01:08 EST 2009

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for your information. It is very important  
information. deeply appreciated. I will soon post the final findings  
from all you in the Coral-List very soon.

Cheers, Allen

在 2009/2/19 下午 4:06 時,Thomas Le Berre 寫到:

> Dear Allen,
> We also have lots of Terpios in the Maldives, and I find it quite
> alarming. I have seen it in 2005 in some places, but a lot in Baa  
> Atoll
> in June. They tend to be more abundant in reefs with a better coral
> cover, and usually more developed on the parts of the reef where the
> current is going along the reef. Typically, the main forcings  
> (currents
> and winds) are in the east-west direction here, and they will  
> colonized
> more the northern and southern sides of the reef. This could be linked
> to the way they propagate or alternatively they may also require  
> calmer
> conditions to spread. They look strong and will spread on many  
> different
> species of corals, covering almost entirely large patches.
> This could also be related, we have other types of invasions by
> zoanthids (Z. mantoni), which does not seem to actually kill the  
> corals,
> but probably hinders coral recruitment, and corallimorphs (Discosoma
> sp.), which kills some species of corals.These would probably have
> colonized dead areas after the 1998 bleaching, whereas the Terpios  
> seems
> more abundant on the reefs that are recovering the best (again, in Baa
> atoll). It seems important to have a better look into this.
> Cheers,
> Thomas Le Berre
> Managing Director
> Seamarc Pvt Ltd
> M. Maya, Gandhakoali Magu
> Male', Rep of Maldives
> www.reefscapers.com
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