[Coral-List] Snorkel surveys

David Hunter david_hunter16 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 20 04:52:52 EST 2009

Dear all, 
I work in the Union of the Comoros for a small NGO, C-3, which has bases in Mauritius, Madagascar, Palau and the Comoros.  We work with local communities to protect the marine environment.  
We are currently carrying out socio-economic monitoring on Grande Comore and would like to collaborate this with some baseline biological surveys of the surrounding reefs.  Unfortunately we do not have the equipment to carry out dive surveys and are instead going to do snorkel surveys.  We’re putting together some survey methods but any advice from those have experience in snorkel surveys or a helpful nudge towards some comprehensive papers would be much appreciated. 
Many thanks for your time,
Kind regards,
David Hunter
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