[Coral-List] Review of competition among sessile reef organisms

Kathleen Morrow kmorrow12 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 17:22:55 EST 2009

Dear coral-listers,


We are completing a review article on processes of competition among

sessile organisms on coral reefs. Our review focuses mainly on the past

20 years of research, since the major review by Lang and Chornesky

(1990), but is broadened to include competition among all major space

occupiers on coral reefs (soft and stony corals, sea anemones,

corallimorpharians, zoanthids, sponges, ascidians, algae, etc.).


We would appreciate hearing about any applicable recent, in-press, or

obscure references that we may have missed.


Please reply to: chadwick at auburn.edu



  Nanette Chadwick and Kathleen Morrow

Department of Biological Sciences

Auburn University, AL 36830, USA

Kathleen M. Morrow
Ph.D candidate 
Morrokm at auburn.edu



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