[Coral-List] Cooling reefs and associated problems

Charles Booth booth at easternct.edu
Thu Jan 8 15:03:35 EST 2009

Jean-Pierre Gattuso ( Laboratoire d¹Océanographie de Villefranche) has
published a brief review of ocean acidification, with links to more in-depth
review, that my be of interest to Coral-list readers:

Gattuso, Jean-Pierre (Lead Author); J. Emmett Duffy (Topic Editor). 2008.
"Ocean acidification." In: Encyclopedia of Earth. Eds. Cutler J. Cleveland
(Washington, D.C.: Environmental Information Coalition, National Council for
Science and the Environment). [First published in the Encyclopedia of Earth
November 6, 2007; Last revised December 29, 2008; Retrieved January 8,
2009]. <http://www.eoearth.org/article/Ocean_acidification>

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