[Coral-List] Report Of Lionfish off Colombia

Jay Robs jayrobsone at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 12:21:20 EST 2009

I have heard many reports of Lionfish in the Florida Keys, even one urban
legend of someone catching them with live shrimp.



> Recently one of my students (Luis Lora) went diving in Colombia (First two
> weeks, Dec 08)
> He emailed me a picture of a lionfish - He contends that the observation
> was at the following location, as per his email:
> "I don't know if you got this: location of the area where the lionfish was
> observed
> Providencia and Santa Catalina islands are located between the coordinates
> 13° 17' y 13° 32´ N y 81° 17´y 81° 26´W, approximately 600 Km.. From
> Cartagena de Indias, a major Colombian tourist city, 200 Km. away of Central
> America, only 20 minutes flight from San Andrés island in the Colombian
> Caribbean.
> Alojamiento Old Providence y Santa Catalina"
> That observation would put the range of the 'lionfish' further south than
> the 6 Jan 09 update of the USGS Lionfish Sightings map:
> http://nas.er.usgs.gov/queries/FactSheet.asp?speciesID=963
> E. Esat Atikkan

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