[Coral-List] Mesoamerican Coral Watch website launched

George Stoyle george at utilaecology.org
Mon Jan 12 06:16:21 EST 2009

A new website has been launched to encourage individuals, tourism operators,
organisations and fishermen to submit regular reports of coral reef health
throughout the Mesoamerican region. The primary aim of the site is to
provide information and education regarding bleaching events, detect early
stages of coral bleaching events over a wide geographic range, and to use
coral bleaching as a means to communicate the broader impacts of climate
change on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. 


As well as providing general information regarding coral reef ecology the
website also allows simple data entry via an online reporting system. This
will form the basis for an early warning system to allow researchers to
locate areas where reefs are experiencing changes, make in-depth analyses,
locate resistant areas, and document recovery or mortality.


Reef users throughout Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras are strongly
encouraged to submit regular reports, even if they do not see bleaching, so
we can begin to build up an overview of bleaching events throughout the


The website address is http://www.marcoralwatch.net.


Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions, or need
assistance completing the form.


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