[Coral-List] Calculating Carrying capacity: Marine & Islands Reserve

oli taylor taylor_ojs at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 04:38:28 EST 2009

Dear Listers,

Myself and colleagues are working on an advisory report which aims to provide management advice and ACTUAL FIGURES pertaining to carrying capacity of marine and terrestrial resources associated with a group of islands within an existing nature reserve. Our goal is to strengthen overall management activities and prevent degradation of ecological resources by applying an adaptive approach.

Key to this work is determining actual numbers of visitors as applied to a number of different resources. In particular:

-coral reefs
-seabird nesting colonies
-turtle nesting beaches

Whilst conducting a comprehensive literature review has been relativerly straight forward, finding good references which set out calculations for developing thresholds for the above has been more difficult. 

We would value any inputs on good references which can help address this... 

Kind regards,

 Oli Taylor

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