[Coral-List] Peer Reviewers: ocean acidification report

Gene Buck GBUCK at crs.loc.gov
Thu Jan 29 08:39:46 EST 2009

I'm seeking volunteers for an expert panel to review and provide comments on a 7-page summary report for Members of the U.S. Congress and their staff on "Ocean Acidification."

Document Summary: 
"With increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the extent of effects on the ocean and marine resources is an increasing concern. One aspect of this issue is the potential for seawater to become increasing acidic (i.e., ocean acidification). Scientists are concerned that increasing acidity could result in reduced growth or even death of shell-forming animals (e.g., molluscs and certain planktonic organisms) as well as disruption of marine food webs and reproductive physiology. Congress is beginning to focus attention on better understanding this issue and determining how it might be addressed."

I'm seeking individuals who would be able to review this draft and return comments to me no later than February 27, 2009.  I'm looking for peer reviewers who can help me better define the issues presented, clarify factual background on these issues, and identify additional issues of concern.  If interested in being considered for this review panel,
please e-mail me a few sentences stating briefly your qualifications for serving on this expert panel. I anticipate selecting about 8-10 individuals to serve on this panel who
are relatively current on ocean acidification issues/concerns and represent a spectrum of constituencies and interests.  I will e-mail you a pdf copy of the document for review, and would like to receive your comments either via fax or e-mail.

Thanks to all who have participated on my expert panels in the past; your continued and excellent critiques of my products have been extremely beneficial to the U.S. Congress.

Gene Buck, Specialist in Natural Resources Policy
Congressional Research Service
U.S. Congress
Washington, DC

gbuck at crs.loc.gov 

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