[Coral-List] Coral settlement vs recruitment

AdRiAnA HuMaNeS adrihumanes at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 7 18:57:48 EDT 2009

Dear Coral listers:

I just wanted to know your opinion about the differences between
settlement and recruitment.  I've being working with terracotta tiles to
estimate what I consider coral settlement rates, and I just wanted to make a
distinction between settlement and recruitment in my work. In most
papers I've read, recruitment is considered as the measure of the
number of young individuals (e.g.,
fish and coral larvae, algae propagules) entering the adult population,
in other words, it is the supply of new individuals to a population.
However, the moment when an organism enters the adult population is
surrounded by ambiguity (is it based on size or in the value of one or some history traits laike survivorship or grow). Additionally,
some papers that use artificial substrates estimate "recruitment rates"
although substrates do not have the same characteristics
as the
available free substrate in the reef for the larvae to settle, and
tiles are usually sampled after a few months or a period of 1-2 years,
taking the recruits out of the population (if at that moment they
already form part of it). I just wanted to know what are other peoples
view about this topic. 

Best regards

Adriana Humanes

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