[Coral-List] Mike Blatus, Vero Beach Reefs, Florida

Trish Hunt divergurl1999 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 15 20:43:22 EDT 2009

Some of you, mostly those in the field of conservation around central and south Florida, know Mike Blatus of Vero Beach, Florida.  He wasn't a scientist, but he was a friend to coral reefs and worm reefs alike.  He changed my life by taking me on my very first dive in the early 2000's, only years after I became a member of the Coral List.  After that dive on his 3rd lung apparatus, I began my education about what lies beneath the waves.  Since then, I earned several different dive certifications and began my journey of becoming a scientist.  I now hold a BS in Marine Science with a minor in biology because of Mike.  I began teaching Mike more about what he had been diving on for more than 20 years, always off the beach in Indian River County.  If he could have grown gills to escape the humans, I am sure he would have.

I regret to inform you all that he has passed away.  I have been told there will be no funeral or memorial services, but I am working diligently on confirming this information with his family.  I have been unable to contact them thus far.  It is my fierce hope that this is untrue.  I am sure those of us that knew Mike would want to say goodbye.  If you are one of his friends and would like to attend a memorial service for Mike, please contact me offlist at divergurl1999 at yahoo.com so that I may keep you informed as events unfold.

Trish Hunt
Jacksonville, FL


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