[Coral-List] data share: coral genome map

mikhail matz matz at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Jul 17 19:55:48 EDT 2009

Dear colleagues,

It a pleasure to announce the release of the genetic linkage map for  
Aropora millepora. It is based on the SNPs mined from our 454  
transcriptome data and previously developed microsatellite markers.  
The map was build by genotyping individual larvae  originating from a  
single cross between two colonies from Nelli Bay at Magnetic Island,  
Australia. The vast majority of  marker development and mapping work  
has been done by my postdoctoral associate, Dr. Shi Wang. The map can  
be used for genetic analysis of coral adaptation, genetics of gene  
expression, and for A. millepora genome assembly.
Basic map info: length 1493 cM, 393 gene-based SNPs, 36  
microsatellites, 14 linkage groups (haploid chromosome number for A.  
millepora), average marker distance (map resolution) 3.4 centimorgans  

The corresponding manuscript is currently in latest stages of  
preparation. As part of our policy on rapid data sharing in genomics  
of non-model organisms, we are posting the data now, ahead of  
publication, for all researchers to use. Download the data (markers,  
assays, map locations, gene annotations) here: http:// 

(please let me know if some of the important links don't work!)



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