[Coral-List] Large-Scale Patterns of Coral Recruitment on Caribbean Sea

Diego Fernando Lozano Cortés di8go11 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 1 19:33:44 EDT 2009

Hello List,
I am starting a research about large scale patterns of coral recruitment on Caribbean Sea, and I need all the literature with data on recruitment density or recruitment rate reported in this region. So far, I get 45 papers along the wider Caribbean (see below references per site chronologically) and I want you to help me sharing your references or articles about this topic. If you know some studies or you want share unpublished data please send me an email to di8go11 at hotmail.com.
Best Regards!!!
Smith, 1992 (Smith 1985-1988 data included)
Dustan 1977
Chiappone & Sullivan 1996. 
Smith 1997
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Edmunds, Aronson, Swanson, Levitan & Precht 1998. 
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Carpenter & Edmunds 2006
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Brown & Arnold 2005
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Gil-Agudelo et al. 2007 
Lozano y Zapata 2008
Bak & Engel, 1979
Vermeij 2006
Gulf of Mexico
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Carpenter y Edmunds, 2006
Cayman Islands 
Manfrino, Riegl, Hall & Graifman 2003
Huebner et al. 2008
British Virgin Islands
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US Virgin Islands
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Edmunds y Carpenter 2001
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Carpenter & Edmunds 2006
Ruíz y Arias, 2004
Birkeland, 1977
Puerto Rico
Irizarry 2006
Irizarry & Weil 2008
González-Rivero et al. 2008
Humanes & Bastidas 2008
Diego Fernando Lozano-Cortés
Biology Student
Universidad del Valle
Cali, Colombia (Southamerica)
Coral Reef Ecology Research Group
di8go11 at hotmail.com
diegoflc at univalle.edu.co
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