[Coral-List] wants you to take action on "Save the HBOI ship and submersibles"!

Trish Hunt divergurl1999 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 2 09:47:18 EDT 2009

Why would Harbor Branch do this?  Where did you get this information?  Too many scientists use this equipment for their research, one of my previous professors included.  This would leave Woods Hole as the main submersible option on the east coast.

Patricia Hunt
BS Marine Science
Jacksonville, FL

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Sarah Frias-Torres has just read and signed the petition: Save the HBOI ship and submersibles

You can view this petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/4360152

Message from  Sarah Frias-Torres:

A call to all scientists, explorers and nature enthusiasts,
Please, help us save the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Ship and its submersibles. They are scheduled to be sold and perhaps turn into scrap metal. Enclosed to this link is the petition text, which explains the greatest achievements of the fleet in Ocean Exploration and Discovery.

Help us reach the goal of 5,000 signatures. 
Thank you


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