[Coral-List] New Tiffany windows support coral conservation

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				New Tiffany windows support coral conservation
				June 04, 2009

New York--Reaffirming its "no coral sales" policy, Tiffany and Co.
today unveiled store windows worldwide with an "Under the Sea" theme to
raise awareness about the damage coral harvesting inflicts on
critically important marine ecosystems.

Tiffany window designers
created a fantasy world devoted to coral conservation, with each store
window offering a different view of the ocean floor, complete with
hills, valleys, waves, bubbles and vibrant coral shapes sculpted in

The ocean-themed windows seek to inform the public that
corals are living animals that, together with the reef systems they
help to create, provide marine life with food and fertile grounds for

"Today, corals are in crisis--the result of
destructive fishing methods, climate change and their removal for use
as decorative objects and jewelry," Tiffany Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer Michael J. Kowalski said in a media release. "In
2002, we discontinued selling coral jewelry, concluding that in a world
where corals and reef communities are under siege, we could not be
complicit in their destruction. It is our hope to raise consumer
awareness of this important issue and to urge fellow jewelers to join
us in refusing to sell coral jewelry."

Tiffany also supports
nonprofit organization SeaWeb and its "Too Precious to Wear" campaign,
designed to educate consumers and retailers about coral conservation.
Tiffany also backs the reauthorization of a U.S. Coral Reef
Conservation Act and the addition of red coral to the Convention for
International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix II, which
lists species that could become threatened with extinction if trade is
not carefully monitored.

According to Tiffany, the company is
also committed to what it calls "sustainable style," enduring designs
of beauty that pose no threat to natural resources.

The "Under
the Sea" windows will be available for viewing throughout the summer,
with rotating designs from Tiffany's renowned collections, including
Bezet, a new diamond engagement ring.

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