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Dear Listers, 


Sorry, I wasn’t aware that the list doesn’t accept attachments
so I am
sending  the list of papers people have sent me. If you can´t get anyone in
particular, please don´t hesitate in contacting me directly that I will
gladly send a copy.


Thanks again for all the help!





SHEARER and M. A. COFFROTH. Isolation of microsatellite loci from the
scleractinian corals, Montastraea cavernosa and Porites astreoides.
Molecular Ecology Notes (2004) 4, 435–437


Daniel A. Brazeau Æ Paul W. Sammarco,Daniel F. Gleason. A multi-locus
genetic assignment technique to assess sources of Agaricia agaricites larvae
on coral reefs. Marine Biology (2005) 147: 1141–1148


Crabbe. 2003. A novel method for the transport and analysis of genetic
material from polyps and zooxanthellae of scleractinian corals. J. Biochem.
Biophys. Methods 57 (2003) 171–176


Effect of Ammonium Enrichment on Animal and Algal Biomass of the Coral
Pocillopora damicornis1. Pacific Science (1994), vol. 48, no. 3: 273-283


Employing of the Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Methodology
as an Efficient Population Genetic Tool for Symbiotic Cnidarians. Keren-Or
Amar & Jacob Douek & Claudette Rabinowitz & Baruch Rinkevich. Mar Biotechnol
(2008) 10:350–357


DNA fingerprints of a gorgonian coral: a method for detecting clonal
structure in a vegetative species. Mary Alice Coffroth 1, Howard R. Lasker
1, Margaret E. Diamond 1, Jeremy A. Bruenn i and Eldredge Bermingham. Marine
Biology 114, 317-325 (1992)


Isolation and cloning of DNA from somatic tissue of soft corals (Cnidaria:
Octocorallia). M. ten Lohuis 1, p. Alderslade 2 and D. J. Miller 1. Marine
Biology 104, 489-492 (1990)


Symbiotic zooxanthellae provide the host-coral Montipora digitata with
polyunsaturated fatty acids. M. Papinaa,*, T. Mezianeb, R. van Woesikc.
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B 135 (2003) 533–537



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