[Coral-List] Return of diadema helped reefs?

Pam Hallock-Muller pmuller at marine.usf.edu
Thu Jun 11 11:12:46 EDT 2009

I made a couple of dives on May 24 in Puerto Rico off San Juan (a spot 
called the Trolley's Last Stop, if I recall correctly), and the Diadema 
were large, abundant, and the macroalgae seemed pretty well under 
control.  The depth range was mostly ~5-12 m. The coral cover looked 
pretty good, though I only saw 2 Acropora colonies total (one each A. 
palmata and A cervicornis, both small).  I took some pictures of the 
array of diseases that I noticed, if anyone is interested; they were 
taken with a "point and shoot", so they are not professional quality.


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Ed Blume wrote:
> Recently snorkeling in Akumal Bay, Mexico, I was diadema the size of
> basketball.  Have their return improved coral health anywhere in the
> Caribbean.  It hasn't in Akumal Bay, which is under assault in many ways.
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