[Coral-List] How to dissect the Platygyra polyps

Ahmad BuHumdan buhumdan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 09:18:40 EDT 2009

I am doing my master in (Coral spawning). My thesis focus on *Platygyra
daedalea.* After decalcified the samples I need to dissect the sample under
the (binocular stereo-scope) I found difficulty to extract the platygyra
polyps to see the eggs and count them. because unlike in many other corals,
the polyps<http://www.arkive.org/brain-coral/platygyra-daedalea/info.html?section=glossaryAndReferences#glossary>of
*Platygyra daedalea*
not individually identifiable. Instead, all
common wallse.  So please anyone work on platygyra polyps and know a
method or way to dissect the polyps easly let him send me back.

Thank you


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