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CaMPAM and GCFI are glad to invite scientists, conservation practitioners, fishers, tour operators, or any person that can present a success story at the special session "Success Stories in Marine Resource Management and Conservation in the Wider Caribbean: Applying an Ecosystem-Based Approach and Facing the Climate Change. at the next GCFI Annual Meeting , in Cumana, Venezuela ( see www.gcfi.org).


The session is coordinated by CaMPAM and aims at sharing and discussing cases that highlight efforts that have been successful in the implementation of a management tool (zoning scheme, community-based fisheries/tourism management, participatory planning process, management plan, advisory committee, implementation of marine reserves or other zoning schemes, etc.

The goal of the session is to allow scientists, conservation practitioners, fishers, tour-operators and policy-makers to share and reflect upon success stories in marine resource management, and identify best practices and lessons learned.


Abstracts should be submitted online to www.gcfi.org (see attached announcements for instructions), however, for those who need financial support (to cover air transportation and accommodation costs), there is a funding opportunity with a short deadline:

YOU SHOULD SEND YOUR APPLICATION by JUNE 15th  to campam at gcfi.org.

The criteria for selection for this particular funding opportunity are:

1. Case/presenter from a Caribbean small island state.

2. Can be a scientist, marine resource (MPA, fisheries, tourism) manager, business person or local/national policy agency staff;

3. Be able to give a presentation (a 15 minutes PowerPoint presentation or poster, in English or Spanish) on the development and/or implementation of best practices on sustainable fishing, protected area management, fishing/tourism business operation, watershed management, or coastal resource-related economic alternative.

4. Send a 250-300 word abstract  with authors' full names and affiliations.


Don't waste this opportunity



Queridos colegas,


CaMPAM y GCFI tienen e placer de invitar a cientmficos, conservacionistas,  pescadores, turoperadores o cualquier persona que tenga una experiencia exitosa o leccisn que compartir, a presentarla en la sesisn "Historias de ixito de la conservacisn y gestisn de recursos marinos en el Gran Caribe: la aplicacisn del enfoque ecosistemico y la preparacisn para la adaptacisn al cambio climatico. que se celebrara en la prsxima reunisn anual del Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, en Cumana, Venezuela en noviembre del 2009 (www.gcfi.org).


CaMPAM patrocina esta sesisn que tiene como objetivo compartir y discutir lecciones aprendidas y casos que ilustren la aplicacisn de practicas idsneas de gestisn de la zona costera entre cientmficos, conservacionistas, pescadores, turoperadores y tomadores de decisiones.


Como es habitual en las reuniones del GCFI, los reszmenes se envman al www.GCFI,org, pero si necesita financiamiento para asistir,  debe solicitarlo cuanto antes al correo electrsnico  campam at gcfi.org o gbustamante at bellsouth.net.


Los criterios de seleccisn para este apoyo financiero en particular son los siguientes:


1.  El caso y presentador debe ser de una isla estado del Caribe.

2. Puede ser cientmfico, administrador de recursos costeros (area marina protegida, cooperativa pesquera, turismo), persona de negocio o personal de una agencia nacional o local;

3. Debe hacer una presentacisn de su caso (de 15 minutes,  en PowerPoint o  poster, en ingles o espaqol) sobre el desarrollo o ejecucisn de las practicas de pesca sostenible, manejo del AMP, reserva marina, operacisn turmstica o de otra mndole, manejo de drenajes terrestres, o desarrollo y aplicacisn de alternativa econsmica no-extractiva de los recursos marinos


4. Enviar un resumen de 250-300 palabras, con nombre de autores y filiacisn.


 No pierda esta oportunidad.



Georgina Bustamante, Ph.D.


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 Wider Caribbean through communication and capacity building tools"


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